Wake up to the scent of wild rosemary mingled with fresh sea air, where the stillness

is only broken by birdsong and the faint clinking of rigging against the masts of sail boats.
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Hotel Šipan is situated in an ideal location for exploring the many attractions of the island of Šipan and the Elaphiti Islands, the old town of Dubrovnik and the ancient traditions of the Dubrovnik region.

The island of Šipan is a natural oasis – you can experience an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere and explore ruins of numerous castles and villas. One of the most beautiful villas in the Dubrovnik area – Skočibuha Palace in Suđurđ – can be found on the island, along with 42 churches dating from the 11th century, such as the Chapel of Saint Salvation, the Church of Saint Stephen and the Chapel of Saint Anthony in the town centre.

Go hiking on the hiking trail from Šipanska Luka to Suđurđ and discover the intact nature of the island of Šipan – rich fields in the central parts of the island, vineyards, olive groves and vegetable gardens of local farmers.  The many trails spanning the island are ideal for an afternoon of sightseeing, hiking and cycling.  Choose your route and explore the forest trails and the medieval castle Beccadelli. 

Do not miss the boat tour of the archipelago of Šipanska Luka and the visit to the nearby islands - Lopud and Kalamota.  Enjoy the boat ride, the fresh sea air and hidden coves, or go for a swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic.

On request and in cooperation with our partners we can organize private charter or half-day and full-day excursions to Dubrovnik and the surrounding area. 

For current offers and inquiries, please contact the reception.