Wake up to the scent of wild rosemary mingled with fresh sea air, where the stillness

is only broken by birdsong and the faint clinking of rigging against the masts of sail boats.
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O Šipanu

Šipan is the largest (162 km) and most ecologically diverse island of the Elaphite archipelago, and is overrun with hundreds of different wild spices, flowers and fruits. Its inhabitants reside in the towns of Suđurađ and Šipanska Luka. The renaissance-era village of Suđurađ is located on the eastern side of the island, facing the island of Koločep. Šipanska Luka is situated around the island’s western bay, which is renowned among sailors as a peaceful and well protected harbor. With several daily ferry-boat connections to the historic city of Dubrovnik, just 17 km away, Šipan is a popular destination for adventurers who wish to escape from the summertime crowds thronging the streets and walkways of the city. Although the journey by ferry only takes about one hour from Dubrovnik, upon arriving to the island visitors find themselves in a timeless place that is as far removed from the cares and concerns of the modern world as it is possible to be